It has been a long journey to bring Seller Insight to Android devices. We are finally closer than ever! The next step in this journey is to go from our sandbox testing environment to actual devices. To accomplish this, we will be releasing a private beta version of Seller Insight that you can help us test! If you would like a chance to get early access to Seller Insight, sign-up for the Android Beta below!

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Please provide your contact information and let us know what kind of Android device you are using. Please keep in mind that depending on the demand, we may not be able to offer the beta invite to everyone. By signing up we will also notify you when we have the official release date of the Seller Insight Android app!

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We will notify you via email if you get selected for the beta testing.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Seller Insight going to be available on Android?
We have been hard at work on the Android version. We are also actively supporting and improving the iOS version. Because we are a small business with limited resources, it is difficult to set an exact release date with a project as large as the Android version. It will also depend on how the beta testing goes due to the variety of Android devices that exist. We are still hoping to launch this year, but if we do not make it in time then Q1 2021! :)

What will the price of Seller Insight on Android be?
Our goal is to have the same payment options on both the iOS and Android platforms.

How will I know I was selected for the private beta testing?
In order to not get overwhelmed with technical support related to the beta, we will be inviting small groups of users at a time. You will get an invite email from us if you are selected. By signing up you will also be notified when we have an official release date!