Live Inventory

Would you like to see all of the new items you have listed today? Well, you're in luck! Our brand new Live Inventory feature gives you insight into everything that you have listed today and this entire week.


Take a look at your inventory for today!


Tap on the listing to see much more information!


Keep track of all the items that you listed this week!


Simply tap on any of the chart data bars or labels to see more information about the inventory listed on that day.


Tiles that display the three dots in the upper right corner signify that there is more information for you to see! Tap on the tile to see the additional data.


How does it work?

When you tap on the "Sync" button on the dashboard, we will automatically sync all of your inventory, using your public data. As soon as the sync completes, the entire dashboard will update and reflect your latest inventory information (see limitations below).


All you have to do is tap on the "Sync" button and let us do the rest!

Inventory Sync

The following listing data will be updated each time you sync.

Inventory Report

This following private data can be imported via your Poshmark Inventory Report.

Editable Fields

The following fields can be edited and tracked directly in SELLER | INSIGHT!


The following listing data is automatically calculated for you.


Because the Live Inventory Sync operates off of your public inventory data, there are some limitations for you to be aware of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to import my inventory data using the Poshmark Inventory Report?
Yes and No, depending on your personal preference. See the options below.

Do I have to sync every day for the newly listed inventory to show up?
Yes. Newly listed inventory will only display in SELLER | INSIGHT after you sync or import you Poshmark Inventory Report.

If I skip a couple of days and then sync, will the newly listed items from the previous days show up?
Yes. Each time you sync, we will update all of your inventory data in SELLER | INSIGHT.

Is the synced inventory data also available in the rest of the app?
Yes! Now, all of the synced inventory data is displayed on the other SELLER | INSIGHT analytics.