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Have your own business at your fingertips, directly from your phone. SELLER | INSIGHT was built specifically to help you maximize your Poshmark sales. Are you earning the most money you can from your Poshmark account? We know you’re not. That’s why we’ve created this app.

Save Time, Make More $

Who would’ve thought some extra designer pieces lurking in the back of your closet could make you so much money? There is a bottomless pit of buyers on Poshmark waiting to get their hands on your clothes and accessories. But did you know Poshmark doesn’t give you all analytics you need to be as successful as possible? SELLER | INSIGHT is the tool you need to save time and increase your revenue.

Live Sales just got better. Get access to data as soon as an item sells!

Don’t wait for Poshmark to lag behind with their sales reports. Get them faster, only with our app. With one tap, you can quickly sync your recent sales data! View your sales for today or the entire week. Tap on the listing or chart data to drill-down into your sales data and much more! learn more


The wait is over. Live Inventory has arrived.

Get insights about your inventory as soon as you list a new item! Stay on top of your daily and weekly listing goals in real-time. learn more


Most Profitable. Identify your most profitable brands, sizes, categories, subcategories, and departments!

Inventory Analytics. Track how often you list new items.

Quickly calculate how much money you have invested in your inventory. Explore your inventory data and discover your listing trends.


Inventory Insight. Take a deep dive into your Poshmark inventory.

Take a look at your top 30 listings by estimated profit or highest listing price. How many days has your item been listed on Poshmark? You can easily identify stale listings to relist on Poshmark. learn more

Sales Analytics. Explore your sales in detail.

This is the data that shows what you are selling and where you are having the most and the least success. Learn to identify sales cycles and find your top-selling brands, categories, subcategories, sizes, and departments. Is it your handbags or tops that sell more? Our insights give you the answers you need.


My Bottom Line. Summarizes your sales via a succinct story.

Visualize all of your Poshmark data laid out in story-form. Get an overall view of the most important indicators and trends. Compare your progress and create a clear blueprint for success. learn more

Sales Map. Where has all of your swag been going?

Our Sales Map allows you to see every state you have sold to. Easily change the time period in order to look at your sales for: this year, previous years, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, and more!

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Limited Time. Free Sales Map!

For a limited time you get full access to the Sales Map with the free version of SELLER | INSIGHT.

Copy Listing. Need to copy your listing information to eBay or Mercari?

We can save you time by helping you copy your listing information. Save all of your listing photos with a single tap. If you have the eBay or Mercari apps installed, we will automatically open them when you copy the listing info. We can also help you clean up the saved photos at once. learn more


Sales Insight. Visualize your Poshmark sales data.

Visualize your sales, revenue, profit, gross profit, gross margin, average revenue, average profit, average cost of goods sold, days listed, and more! learn more

Repeat Customers. Who are they and what are they buying?

Our app lets you track who your repeat customers are and what they like from your closet. Easily identify your most profitable repeat customers and analyze their purchasing history. learn more


Order Detail. View additional order detail stats that are not available in Poshmark.

See a breakdown of the revenue, fees, cost, and profit. See all of the orders from the same customer and other items in the bundle orders. learn more


Listing Detail. Save listing photos in seconds.

You can quickly save all of your listing photos to your device. With one tap, you can open the listing directly in your Poshmark app. learn more


Cost of Goods Sold. Want to get to know your true cost of doing business?

Automatically apply default “cost of goods sold” to all of your sales and inventory in seconds or track costs per each listing!


Default Discount. Apply a projected discount to all of your inventory.

If you usually accept discounted offers or sell most of your items at a discounted price, you can quickly apply an estimated discount to all of your inventory, in order to see a more accurate estimated profit.



During this unprecedented and difficult time, we wanted to offer a special pricing promotion to help you analyze your Poshmark business, without worrying about having to pay a subscription each month. We are suspending new subscriptions to the monthly plan and are introducing a “$49.99 One-Time Purchase” payment option to unlock all of the SELLER | INSIGHT PRO features forever!

Free Version. Download is FREE with PRO upgrades available.

Install SELLER | INSIGHT from the Apple App Store for free and make sure you are able to successfully import your Sales & Inventory data. For a limited time you can search all of your imported Poshmark Sales and Inventory by the listing title, department, category, subcategory, brand, size, and SKU! You can also visualize your Poshmark Sales using our Sales Map!

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